The 3 Essential Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Website’s Growth (And Make More Money)!

E-commerce industry has been one of the highly grossing industries in the world today. The industry takes over a huge deal of responsibility where the delivery has to be eminent. To manage such huge responsibilities there must be an invincible system that govern such operations and hand out solutions for all the complex problems to ensure the ease of business. Having said that, with our expertise we have been positioned as the best E-commerce software development company in Pune, India.

Did you know that 90% of new businesses fail within the first few years? That’s because companies often overlook the little details that can have a huge impact on their success. In this blog post, we share everything you need to know about boosting your eCommerce website’s growth and making more money. Ecommerce is booming, with annual sales exceeding $500 billion in the United States alone. As technology continues to advance, more and more businesses are selling their products online. To stand out from the crowd, you need to focus on three key areas: user experience (or UX), conversion rate optimization (CRO), and growth hacking. Let’s dive into each of these essential tips for a successful eCommerce business.

Know Your Audience

You need to know your niche, audience, and customers inside and out to truly succeed in eCommerce. If you don’t, you’ll face an uphill battle to find success, whether you’re a new or seasoned seller. You’ll be flying blind, and you’re likely to crash and burn. You don’t want that. You want to succeed. You want to make money and find joy in what you do. To get there, you need to know these people inside and out. You need to know their wants and desires, the pain points they’re dealing with, the problems they’re trying to solve, and the easiest way to do so. You also need to know what they’re reading, watching, and consuming online. What type of content is resonating with them? What type isn’t? Why? Knowing this information will help you tremendously. When you know your audience, you’ll know what to create and how to deliver it.

User Experience (UX)

No matter what online store you’re running, user experience is essential. It’s the reason why you see pop-ups asking if you’d like to subscribe to a newsletter or download an e-book. It’s also the reason that ads seem to follow you around the web. If users aren’t signing up or purchasing from your site, you need to know why. A study from Aberdeen found that 47% of individuals will abandon a purchase if the checkout process is confusing. That’s a lot of lost revenue for eCommerce businesses. If your checkout process is confusing, people aren’t going to buy from you. If your website isn’t user-friendly, people aren’t going to stick around. If you aren’t providing an experience that is easy and enjoyable, people are simply going to walk away. You need to optimize your website and storefront for the best user experience possible. This includes optimizing your site’s speed, taking advantage of the latest website design trends, creating a seamless user experience, and providing excellent customer service. When you do, you’ll see your sales increase and your bounce rate decrease.

Optimize Your Website and Storefront

When you’re growing your eCommerce business, it’s hard to know where to begin. There are so many areas you can tweak, improve, and optimize to drive more traffic to your site and improve sales. Which should you focus on first? It can be tough to know where to begin when you’re growing your eCommerce business. There are so many areas you can tweak, improve, and optimize to drive more traffic to your site and increase sales. Which should you focus on first? To maximize sales and minimize headaches, start with these three areas: Your website – Your website is the foundation of your business. If you don’t have a good site, it’s going to be tough to see success. You need to optimize your website for conversions. This means that your website should be easy to navigate, quick to load, and visually appealing. You should also be including plenty of calls to action. Your storefront – Your storefront is where sales happen. If your storefront isn’t optimized, you’re going to struggle to make sales. If you need help optimizing your storefront, you can use tools like Shopify Plus and Demandware to help you along the way. Your marketing – Your marketing efforts are what bring people to your site. You need to make sure you’re marketing correctly before you start optimizing your website and storefront. When you have a consistent flow of traffic coming in, you can then start optimizing and converting those visitors. And once you have your site and storefront up and running, don’t stop there. Keep tweaking and testing different elements until you find what works best for you.

Growth Hacking

If your business is going to grow, you need to find ways to hack your way to success. And growth hacking is the best way to do that. When you’re growth hacking, you’re finding creative (and often unconventional) ways to drive traffic and increase sales. You’re looking for innovative ideas that will move the needle. And there are plenty of ways to do that. You can grow your eCommerce business using creative marketing strategies, optimizing your website, or even through your hiring practices. And remember, you don’t need a big marketing budget to grow your business. Some of the most successful growth hacks have been done with little to no budget at all. If you want to see real growth in your business, you need to be creative and find new and innovative ways to drive traffic and sales.

Run Effective Ads

It’s no secret that ads are a huge part of online marketing. Many businesses use ads to drive traffic and boost sales. But not all ads are created equally. Some are wildly successful, while others fall flat. You want your ads to be wildly successful. But how do you know which ads will perform and which won’t? You need to test. You need to see what works best and what doesn’t. You need to run different types of ads, look at the results, and then make changes as needed. If you run a wide variety of ads, you might find that one type blows the others out of the water. When you find that ad, you need to stick with it. You need to keep reinvesting in it as long as it’s working. When you find that ad that works, you need to stick with it. You need to keep reinvesting in it as long as it’s working.

Utilize Data and Analysis

You need to understand your customers and how they use your website. You need to see what is and isn’t working. You need to know how people are navigating your website and what they’re looking at. This will help you to make better decisions moving forward. If there are elements of your website that aren’t working, you can easily pinpoint them and make changes. If there are elements that are working well, you can increase their presence. You can see what’s driving traffic to your website and what isn’t. You can see what is bringing you sales and what isn’t. This information will help you to make better decisions and better use of your time. It will help you to grow your business faster and more successfully.


When you invest time and energy into growing your eCommerce business, the rewards are well worth it. When you optimize your website, increase your conversion rates, and find new and creative ways to generate traffic, you’ll see your sales increase. You’ll also see your bounce rates decrease, which is always a good thing. You want people to stay on your site as long as possible. When you focus on these three areas and apply the tips we’ve covered in this post, you’ll see your eCommerce business grow like never before.


Software – A powerful tool to manage & scale your Business

When you see this statement, you’ll wonder why is it said so, or how does it work out, does this even makes sense? And a lot more thoughts which are popping right in your mind.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the software game, and let you know how Keshri EduTech provides the best software solutions for your business.

To first understand the true potential of a Software, we’ll need to understand the basics.

A SOFTWARE works exactly like a super assistant for you. A software is purely designed to execute certain tasks for your computer or mobile phone. Talking about software, we’d like to take you back in the golden era where a computer was still considered as a machine that was only supposed to work for bigger industries and organizations which dealt with moreover to the technical side. Gradually, as we witness these computers were taking places into the industrial zone where it was used to contain huge amounts of data. Again, in a decade we could see computers mostly at every office we visited. Why was the computer involved in businesses where actually people were needed? To put it easy, one computer could execute tasks worth ten people. What difference did the involvement of computers make? It simply curbed out the need of excess manpower. Curbing the excess man power resulted in controlled salary structures. Controlled salary structures contributed to their profit.

Now, we’re a digitally sound crowd and we know just computers didn’t take up all the responsibilities. EVEN THE COMPUTER NEEDS AN OPERATING SYSTEM TO FUNCTION. Now, this operating system is nothing but a software itself! Having said that, there is still an infinite evolution of the software for us.

Let us think of software as a clay. We mold clay to our desired shape, have fun with it, reshape it to another form and it just continues until you’re worn of your imagination!

The software was just molded like clay. Seeing the present turn to the mystics of future, the big industry tycoons understood curbing excess man power would contribute to their profits. Now this doesn’t mean throwing out people of their jobs sounds progressive but, the same man power could be used for other tasks which definitely need them. The software had a potential to execute multi-tasking and deliver their services faster. These tasks were keenly observed and thought of ways to deal with them. There’s where programming comes into picture and the programmers decide to build a program which helps the industry with multi-tasking and accuracy.

Today, we could see there are billions of software and applications right in front of us. It’s like a buffet kept ready.


  • It can act as an organized platform for your business.
  • It can effectively multi task.
  • It can handle loads of pressure.
  • Everything within the software is calculated.
  • It can perform tedious tasks easily.
  • It can majorly yet positively affect in your sales.
  • It is so portable that you can have them put in almost all your working devices.
  • It basically runs as a manager for your business.
  • It can handle huge amounts of data.
  • It can store, manage and report instances so that you know how to conduct your business effectively.
  • Everything with software is easy as it is highly organized and just within clicks.

The potential of a software is much than we even think of. This is just an imagination that has been programmed to work for you personally. There are many more applications of a software to your business that can totally turn the tides on your side.



  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • ecommerce
  • Automobiles
  • Space Industries
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Manufacturing
  • Clothing & Garments

Almost all the industries have trusted the potential of software and have decided to make their business conduct easier for effective performance.



As we’ve understood what a software can do, we’d like to tell you how Keshri EduTech is a pioneer in providing effective software solutions for your business.

Keshri EduTech has been providing software solutions in the regions of Pune, India for over a decade now. And we could last over the decade because we have some brilliant minds working on your projects to make your business flawless. Keshri EduTech has been positioned as number 1 software company in Pune, India. We’ve been providing effective software solutions to all the industries mentioned above and also beyond that.

We provide

  • Effective software for your business by totally understanding your product and prepare a mechanism for you to conduct your business with ease.
  • A software that takes care of all your technical requirements so that you remain technically sound in the market.
  • Delivery with 100% accuracy.
  • Software testing from our side being very robust and keen to understand the flaws being faced and eradicate them.
  • Timely maintenance and issue resolving management.
  • Updates for your software that ensures advance and easy ways of conducting your business.
  • 24×7 support whenever you face any challenges.


That’s how we find software as a very crucial tool or rather an important organ of your business which has the capacity of a mountain yet could be fit in a pen drive and delivered it to you within your working device.

We’re living in a digital era where traditional methods are worn out and a new revolution has impacted the way of conducting business. Old ways won’t win you new wars. And that is why we advise you to keep an open perspective when it comes to involving a software for your business. We also happen to be well versed with the new and digital way of doing business and frankly we could help you out with all the challenges you face while you conduct business for we believe in the true potential of the software and definitely make it worth every penny you spend for our software solutions.



Before coming to any conclusion. Let’s discuss about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) first and know how it works.

As Technology has taken us very far. Technology has now become an important organ of our daily life. Google’s search engine has become one such nervous system of technology where the whole world meets on the screen before you. To find what you need on the internet, you simply go ahead and search for it in your browsers. You can see multiple results google has in the store for you.

As we being humans, we need things to be convenient and comfortably accessible, and that is why you always go with the first page result google pops up for you. That is SEO! It’s just like a fight for a business to be on the first page of those google results. SEO for you in simple terms.

Would we ever mind ranking our business on the first page of the google results? NO!

What could be done to rank our business on the first page of the results? SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a robust process where you could rank your website within the initial results google offers you.



With SEO on your side, you get a genuine traffic that is genuinely interested in the products and services. It is just like targeting the accurate audience in accordance with the application of your product.


You don’t pay for traffic when you have SEO backing you up. With SEO your website gets a better visibility and customers can find your website more often just within a click.


Do you want to convert the information seeker that’s been asking around about your website to a potential customer? Go with SEO services, because the application of SEO is designed such that your website easily funnels through the right channel to the customer seeking information about. Better SEO better conversions.


Get better exposure for your brand whilst your website ranking top in the google results. Better ranking gets your brand to go big. How? Because customers would be choosing your services more often as your website is quickly accessible through google rankings.


An accurate SEO strategy helps you build your brand’s reputation and recognition. SEO tries to rank your website in the top ranks of the google search which gains you easy access. Easy access gains you recognition. Recognition gains you brand popularity.

The reason being, just building a website wont alone help you. You’ll need more than just a website to conduct your business online. Around 90% of the world is online, so you might get the math about how fierce competition lies before. There is no use if your website isn’t known to google. If your website isn’t known to google, it couldn’t present you in front of its searchers. The snowball gets bigger as there is no visibility for your website. So, you are losing in more than one factors. Sales, recognition, brand establishment, engagement, awareness and what not!

Investing in SEO has always proved to be the smartest move in today’s large market. SEO will fill in what’s your website is missing. The main game here is visibility. If you win at this game, you win more often. You get increased sales as there is better awareness about your product. Once your product becomes successful, you become a brand. That’s the main motive of business, isn’t it? Your brand will perform better as your website is performing better with an SEO strategy that has been fighting for the first page of the google result.

Over 60% of the world’s population don’t want to go to the 2nd page of the google results. Over 90% people always go with the first website on the first page of the google results.

There is a horde of organic traffic searching online for everything they need. This horde is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to ever miss on.

Keshri EduTech’s SEO services have been entrusted by our customers who have boosted their website to their highest potential and have been generating their desired revenue. Our SEO services are genuinely researched and moreover updated so that your product is seen to every cornea of this world. We’d always want to maintain this business relationship with you, so we’d make you custom offers as per discussions and make your website go beyond its limits.





This is a digital age filled with technology. We couldn’t even realize we developed to an extent where today technology rules at its peak. Keshri EduTech is one such IT company where it has developed right when the world was taking on the digital revolution. Keshri EduTech is the best website building company when it comes to creating a website for your business. And why do we entreat businesses on having a website? To know that let us be brutally honest with you! We are Keshri EduTech, we are into website building, IT solutions, IT infrastructure, EdTech, Software development, Digital transformation and a lot more. We have been positioned as the best IT Company in Pune, India by a wide range of customers who are being satisfied with our delivery. How did our customers come to know about us? 

How do we know about our customers? And why even Keshri EduTech is positioned as the best? It’s simple, we created our website. Keshri EduTech’s website has been built by our wonderful team of website builders who have given their 100% into perfecting it right from the design to the performance. We feel very important towards our website for this website has what got us the reach we have today. However there still has been some resistance and constraint into implementing a website to some businesses. Reasons being, too expensive, not needed, ample business offline and what not? Today, websites haven’t been as early days, they have been advanced with a lot of technology implementations. There is a whole new potential for websites of today and moreover, times are changing and if we don’t change with it, it will be a lot harder to fill in the backlog.

Let’s take an example of Amazon. Amazon was a business that started with selling books. If you look at the business model, it is purely online. Imagine if Amazon had thought of owning big store houses, racking up all their products, and getting calls from customers for their products, them delivering from their warehouse to the customer. This is such a tedious and a lengthy process. Instead, Amazon thought of building their business purely online and contacting with their vendors to rack products on Amazon’s website. It has made its website so strong and effective that a customer gets full power from ordering a product to paying for it online. All in one mobile phone or a laptop.

Internet today has been such a platform where there are millions of businesses fighting to rank on the first page of the search results. Why do you think there are businesses ranked up on the internet? Well, the guess is they know the potential of a website and their range of profits with it. Internet has provided this power of getting recognition since it was invented. To be simpler, even our government organizations have a website. Imagine of taking your issue to a physical government organization and you find the officials are busy or you aren’t attended to or you are told to go to some other window or you’re asked to get back to them in some days. Whereas there is someone who has lodged their grievance on the government portal and they receive a notification of their issue being taken into consideration and worked upon within the given period of time.

WEBSITE MAKES IT EASY TO REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS. A website makes complex things easy. Having a website today has become a necessity, business online is business on line, business not online becomes business off the line.


  • Put in all the information related about your business.
  • Implement a scheduler which could schedule your appointments.
  • Put your business timings, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for the customers to reach you.
  • Upload your products and spread your catalogue across the globe.
  • Implement payment systems to transact safely between you and the customers.
  • Implement a chat bot system or a live chat system for your customers to share their grievance and provide solutions to them online.
  • Integrate an order management system to track and manage the orders.
  • Upload your content and gain honest reviews.
  • Customers would know where to find you.
  • Open social media accounts for your website.

Why there has been a rise in the businesses getting a website online? Because the whole world is into this digitalization world where all the end points meet to a mid-point within a click and within a second. The potential of your business can perform well when you take your business online with your website.




There are a number of online services those cater advanced development for your website.

  • Digital marketing- Digitally marketing your website will make your website reach your customers easily.
  • SEO- Search engine optimization will optimize your website to rank in the highest search results.
  • Branding- Advertising your brand will make your website more credible and authentic.
  • Organic Traffic- When you follow all the above services, you start to get organic traffic on your website. This traffic you get is for free.
  • Leads- your website can get you leads, when you integrate forms within your website which again enhances your visibility and provide you with data.
  • Updates- you can always update your website to the best servers and make it perform smooth for a great customer experience.

Keshri EduTech has always been the best in the IT industry. We provide you with all the above applications and make your website a powerful profit-making machine for you.

Since customer has become our main concentration, providing customers with easy solutions has always bagged us their trust. This trust in our service is what has made us a brand. Our product became a brand when our customers trusted it. You might possess great quality and accuracy in your products, that has become an aftermath of reaching the customers and providing them with the ease of finding your products. If you want your customers to maintain their relationship, trust and faith within your products and services, a website is must.

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