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Our strategy oriented and tech-savvy firm possesses all the desired tools needed to rearrange and do political campaigns at a nationwide level. A crystal-clear, neat and finely-targeted strategy is very important to manage your campaign at an oversized scale and build the winning energy. We concentrate on designing and executing constituency-centric and assembly-centric political strategies by using its tools for clients starting from individual candidates, political parties and independents.

It works with anybody and everybody who includes a clear political vision. Whether be it the General-election, State-assembly elections, local-body elections or perhaps the bypolls, we offer our unique political services and techniques to both individual candidates and political parties. Our workers stretched across each constituency and assembly-segments are always organized and field-ready to leap into action to serve its clients.

We categorize your voters, build the market, craft the apt message and position them among the proper voters, put the precise tactic in situ and attain the specified outcome for our clients. Our services are un-matched and we have got the know-how, both technological and traditional ones so as to facilitate our customers in every capability and under every situation. Make your voters attentive to your document and bootstrap your campaign.

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We analyzes your party’s portfolio and have some unique strategies to campaign for the elections digitally. The effect of social media on political campaigns have shown a high upscale in vote graphs.

Digital presence is very important for campaigning and thus we have following outline of certain services we provide election campaigns.

Starting your campaign


Competitor analysis

A good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents can give you a huge advantage in building your campaign messaging, in head-to-head debates, and in undermining their campaign message when necessary


Understanding the Political landscape

We can understand what voters generally think and we understand the way in which media narratives dictate or undermine what voters think. .


Field organizing

At times of the elections, Keshri EduTech deploys their team of field organizers who would do all the ground work for your political campaign. Your social media presence and agenda will be spread through all the digital mediums by our team to increase your visibility.


Voter data

Keshri EduTech possesses a wide range of digitally rich tools which will fetch you enough data of your voters with bifurcated and segregated view of your constituency so that you get informed upon the total vote capacity and forecast with predictions, strategies and probabilities.

Public Relations

Capturing voter issues & outreach

We have a team of data gatherers who physically comb through your constituency and get to know the grievances and issues your people have been suffering with so that you get those topics to talk over with them. This data is carefully managed, analyzed and supplied to you.

Public Relations

Election war room

All the digital armory lies in the Election war room we perfectly design to carry out your party’s agenda throughout the digital media to make people aware about you and your party. With strong data analysis, marketing strategy, graphic
Moderation, branding and all the technical necessities fulfilled, you get a clear view of the roadmap we have for your win at the elections.


Website Design

Our Customized website designing for your personal  branding ensures coverage of every and all components of your party, past work, welfare scheme, your vision & future action plan. 


Digital Campaign

Keshri EduTech provides you with A grade social media management strategies. Be it posts, stories, or videos, we take care of right from preparing them to maintaining your presence with them.

Political Campaign & Digital Marketing Service
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