Before coming to any conclusion. Let’s discuss about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) first and know how it works.

As Technology has taken us very far. Technology has now become an important organ of our daily life. Google’s search engine has become one such nervous system of technology where the whole world meets on the screen before you. To find what you need on the internet, you simply go ahead and search for it in your browsers. You can see multiple results google has in the store for you.

As we being humans, we need things to be convenient and comfortably accessible, and that is why you always go with the first page result google pops up for you. That is SEO! It’s just like a fight for a business to be on the first page of those google results. SEO for you in simple terms.

Would we ever mind ranking our business on the first page of the google results? NO!

What could be done to rank our business on the first page of the results? SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a robust process where you could rank your website within the initial results google offers you.



With SEO on your side, you get a genuine traffic that is genuinely interested in the products and services. It is just like targeting the accurate audience in accordance with the application of your product.


You don’t pay for traffic when you have SEO backing you up. With SEO your website gets a better visibility and customers can find your website more often just within a click.


Do you want to convert the information seeker that’s been asking around about your website to a potential customer? Go with SEO services, because the application of SEO is designed such that your website easily funnels through the right channel to the customer seeking information about. Better SEO better conversions.


Get better exposure for your brand whilst your website ranking top in the google results. Better ranking gets your brand to go big. How? Because customers would be choosing your services more often as your website is quickly accessible through google rankings.


An accurate SEO strategy helps you build your brand’s reputation and recognition. SEO tries to rank your website in the top ranks of the google search which gains you easy access. Easy access gains you recognition. Recognition gains you brand popularity.

The reason being, just building a website wont alone help you. You’ll need more than just a website to conduct your business online. Around 90% of the world is online, so you might get the math about how fierce competition lies before. There is no use if your website isn’t known to google. If your website isn’t known to google, it couldn’t present you in front of its searchers. The snowball gets bigger as there is no visibility for your website. So, you are losing in more than one factors. Sales, recognition, brand establishment, engagement, awareness and what not!

Investing in SEO has always proved to be the smartest move in today’s large market. SEO will fill in what’s your website is missing. The main game here is visibility. If you win at this game, you win more often. You get increased sales as there is better awareness about your product. Once your product becomes successful, you become a brand. That’s the main motive of business, isn’t it? Your brand will perform better as your website is performing better with an SEO strategy that has been fighting for the first page of the google result.

Over 60% of the world’s population don’t want to go to the 2nd page of the google results. Over 90% people always go with the first website on the first page of the google results.

There is a horde of organic traffic searching online for everything they need. This horde is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to ever miss on.

Keshri EduTech’s SEO services have been entrusted by our customers who have boosted their website to their highest potential and have been generating their desired revenue. Our SEO services are genuinely researched and moreover updated so that your product is seen to every cornea of this world. We’d always want to maintain this business relationship with you, so we’d make you custom offers as per discussions and make your website go beyond its limits.



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