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The best innovation on your project is what we promise you for a flawless development and smooth integration for your software. Our team is constituted with the best software developers and integrators.

The businesses of today needs ground-breaking technology to overcome complexities and obstacles to transform into a flawless module with the ease of business mechanism along with a user-friendly UI. Keshri EduTech is a team of experts who excel in Software development and integrations of latest technologies which guarantee a free-flowing process.

We understand the client and drive value to our service. Together we’ll work with you ensuring flawless deployment, management and error-free delivery for the performance to the fullest potential.

Software Development Life Cycle - Keshri EduTech Private Limited

We deal in a variety of customised soft wares inculcating the latest technologies to build you a software in accordance to your ideas. We make every effort to bring in your ideas into mechanism.

We manage B2B, B2C communications and Internal operations. Our customized software is designed to work flawlessly on all the OSes and browsers and mobile platforms.

  • We evolve your product from scratch and make it promising.
  • We transform your business into optimal performance by suggesting your advancements into the digital front and effective marketing strategies.
  • We provide you custom support and timely maintenance.

We help SAAS start-ups and build them robust soft wares to elevate their business to a larger scale. Our full stack development services help you eradicate and overcome barriers ensuring the delivery of your vision to the clients.

  • We’ve taken every requirement and expertise into account to build our product as a software where all your needs are fulfilled already.
  • Our expertise into all the industries have strengthened our technical advancement and allowed us to build effective soft wares.
  • We have equipped our soft wares with the latest security advancements and updates to ensure a hack proof work flow and easy experience to our clients.
  • We make our soft wares cost effective and scalable enough for potential performance and easy maintenance.

Your infrastructure and legacy application code is thoroughly investigated and applications are built with taking your requirements into runtime.

  • We move your application to the cloud because you and your team can gain eternal access to your application from any part of the world.
  • Your application is gauged, scaled and tweaked as per necessities as there are countless advancements into technology, because we’d always want your software to be in the top positions.
  • We possess an AWS server that has just enough space for your soft wares to exist and perform timely backups.
  • We can contain your mobile applications at a variety of OS levels and application levels be it android or iOS, making your application so flexible that the functionality won’t take long for adjustments.

Our approach to the integration of the API is effective design and flawless delivery that ensures solutions for all your business complexities and achieve your technological goals.


  • Detection and Diagnosis
  • API Blueprint and Glidepath
  • Prototype consulting


Our team studies your existing infrastructure and scales its necessities and pressure points. The studies would further be filtered for a tentative use and implementation of our systems and technology wherever needed. We design you an unmatched software where your complexities meet our solutions meeting your deadlines and budget.

Keshri EduTech’s team of professionals will take care of all maintaining and helping you and looking after your core responsibilities, resulting in the reduce of excessive IT Expert hiring into your organization. Our timely checks and updates will result in the smooth workflow and seamless deliveries by curbing out excess update and resolution times.


Your difficulty instances are received and logged through our 24/7 stationed helpdesk.


The logged ticket through the help desk is received by us and we find the root cause to the difficulty faced. This finding will be further examined and sent to our bug fixers.


The bug report is keenly observed on the behavior of these difficulties and are examined from point A-Z. The bugs are fixed on a permanent basis and those fixes are run on trial and error. Once there are no further complexions, we return it back to your system in a better way where your system will perform to its peak.


Whilst returning to your system with the fixed bugs, there might be changes in the operations and those changes will always be assisted with and briefed along with your employees so that they don’t miss out on important information on the functionalities. We also request you with timely system behavior records so that we could forecast any upcoming update or solutions.

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