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The situation was tough. After decades there had been an emptiness all around us. The reason, COVID-19. This escalated in the form of a Pandemic and had been raising the death tolls around the world. Various countries took several measures and decisions to control the spread of COVID-19. One such measure was ‘LOCKDOWN’. This measure was taken seriously and implemented in our country. But this measure however did affect a lot of industries and one of the most affecting Industry was the Education Industry. Education being one of the prime needs of today was being critically hampered as the whole world was on a pause.

Here’s where a digitally sound with IT solutions had to pitch in and take the matter in their hands. Keshri EduTechbecame the solution provider to combat against the pandemic and found ways to carry forward the syllabus which helped the schools to get back on track and continue educating students. Keshri EduTech is an Ed-tech organisation which wanted to expand its niche and make a difference to the education sector. A company based in Pune, thought of various ways and took effective measures to digitalise the schools of India by providing ground breaking solutions which helped the schooling get online. With utmost dedication and standing by their noble cause, Keshri EduTech prepared a system that could parallelly become a ‘One Roof Solution’ to India’s Education sector.

The schools and colleges were facing huge losses as there were no rising numbers in their admissions due to the Lockdown imposed by the government of India. This challenge had to be accepted and overcome by Keshri EduTech and they prepared an Online Admission and Fees Management System which resulted in the ease of the admission process right from our homes. The students and parents were enabled to follow the admission process online through their homes. This resulted in a stability in the admissions and fees collection for various schools and colleges.

Keshri EduTech did not stop here as there were more miles to cover. They adapted an expert team of Digital Marketing consisting of SEO Experts, Google & Facebook Ads Experts, Content Writers & Graphics Designers. With this ‘backup’ called in, the team took the responsibility of raising the admission graphs by Digital Campaigns on social media and creating an online presence of big brands like Cambridge International School, Mount Litera Zee School, Chitkara, University, BITT Polytechnic & IIBM Group of Institutions which resulted in a 4X revenue generation in the Lockdown.

The best is yet to come, Keshri EduTech also developed their ‘Master Product’ which became a ground breaking application in the Education Industry. Keshri EduTech’s – School Management ERP was introduced by them in the educational industry where they digitalised day to day school and college activity which brought an ease and eradicated a barrier. Their vision of being paperless was always been emphasised and they created this School Management ERP, where students and parents could follow a chain of processes right from the enquiry for the admissions to the leaving certificates, all under one ERP. Institutions could now look after the Academic Activities, Fees status, and other non-academic activities all in One Click.

Keshri EduTech didn’t want to stop developing their edu-solutions. In the midst of the Lockdown imposed, the development team developed an all-in-one Learning Management System (LMS). This learning management system was a wonder in itself as it promoted a parallel classroom for the students which they could attend from their homes. The parents experienced a digital feeling when it came to going forward with the syllabus for the students. This LMS has been developed to run smoothly with a minimum data utilisation and this turned out to be very interactive for the students to learn online. The students could attend the lectures online and also go for recorded lectures if they missed the lectures by any chance. This LMS proved to be useful at the teacher’s end as well, they could assign homework and assignments online and the students too could upload their assignments online on this LMS. The greatest pressure point was taken care of here by providing the provision of preparing and conducting any kind of exams. Most importantly everyone could make the best use of this LMS eco system by viewing detailed reports about the exams, fee collection, notifications, syllabus, time tables and what not.

Today, these panic situations like Covid-19 have made us realise that digitalising our business has become one of the most crucial aspects of survival and the Education sector being the most important need for the society had to be digitalised in such situations. Here’s where Keshri EduTech and their team of experts did a wonder and supported from large scale school brands to the small-scale coaching classes with Highly secured and Interactive Website, which helped a lot in reaching the masses. This contribution of Keshri EduTech is being highly anticipated by the Education Sector

In a nut shell, Keshri EduTech has been bringing a reform and has been proven revolutionary in their measures for the Educational Sector.

Solutions utilised from Keshri EduTech proves that Digitalisation becomes inevitable for India’s future and development. The dream of our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi of making India digital must say that Keshri EduTech has been actively participating in the same and introducing revolutionary solutions. Their R&D team works tirelessly to develop new and reformed solutions that can prove to be ground breaking and effective in the long run.

If you feel like getting reformed with this dream and making your Educational Institution Digital, you should definitely partner up with Keshri EduTech for making your institution profitable on a larger scale.

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