This is a digital age filled with technology. We couldn’t even realize we developed to an extent where today technology rules at its peak. Keshri EduTech is one such IT company where it has developed right when the world was taking on the digital revolution. Keshri EduTech is the best website building company when it comes to creating a website for your business. And why do we entreat businesses on having a website? To know that let us be brutally honest with you! We are Keshri EduTech, we are into website building, IT solutions, IT infrastructure, EdTech, Software development, Digital transformation and a lot more. We have been positioned as the best IT Company in Pune, India by a wide range of customers who are being satisfied with our delivery. How did our customers come to know about us? 

How do we know about our customers? And why even Keshri EduTech is positioned as the best? It’s simple, we created our website. Keshri EduTech’s website has been built by our wonderful team of website builders who have given their 100% into perfecting it right from the design to the performance. We feel very important towards our website for this website has what got us the reach we have today. However there still has been some resistance and constraint into implementing a website to some businesses. Reasons being, too expensive, not needed, ample business offline and what not? Today, websites haven’t been as early days, they have been advanced with a lot of technology implementations. There is a whole new potential for websites of today and moreover, times are changing and if we don’t change with it, it will be a lot harder to fill in the backlog.

Let’s take an example of Amazon. Amazon was a business that started with selling books. If you look at the business model, it is purely online. Imagine if Amazon had thought of owning big store houses, racking up all their products, and getting calls from customers for their products, them delivering from their warehouse to the customer. This is such a tedious and a lengthy process. Instead, Amazon thought of building their business purely online and contacting with their vendors to rack products on Amazon’s website. It has made its website so strong and effective that a customer gets full power from ordering a product to paying for it online. All in one mobile phone or a laptop.

Internet today has been such a platform where there are millions of businesses fighting to rank on the first page of the search results. Why do you think there are businesses ranked up on the internet? Well, the guess is they know the potential of a website and their range of profits with it. Internet has provided this power of getting recognition since it was invented. To be simpler, even our government organizations have a website. Imagine of taking your issue to a physical government organization and you find the officials are busy or you aren’t attended to or you are told to go to some other window or you’re asked to get back to them in some days. Whereas there is someone who has lodged their grievance on the government portal and they receive a notification of their issue being taken into consideration and worked upon within the given period of time.

WEBSITE MAKES IT EASY TO REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS. A website makes complex things easy. Having a website today has become a necessity, business online is business on line, business not online becomes business off the line.


  • Put in all the information related about your business.
  • Implement a scheduler which could schedule your appointments.
  • Put your business timings, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for the customers to reach you.
  • Upload your products and spread your catalogue across the globe.
  • Implement payment systems to transact safely between you and the customers.
  • Implement a chat bot system or a live chat system for your customers to share their grievance and provide solutions to them online.
  • Integrate an order management system to track and manage the orders.
  • Upload your content and gain honest reviews.
  • Customers would know where to find you.
  • Open social media accounts for your website.

Why there has been a rise in the businesses getting a website online? Because the whole world is into this digitalization world where all the end points meet to a mid-point within a click and within a second. The potential of your business can perform well when you take your business online with your website.




There are a number of online services those cater advanced development for your website.

  • Digital marketing- Digitally marketing your website will make your website reach your customers easily.
  • SEO- Search engine optimization will optimize your website to rank in the highest search results.
  • Branding- Advertising your brand will make your website more credible and authentic.
  • Organic Traffic- When you follow all the above services, you start to get organic traffic on your website. This traffic you get is for free.
  • Leads- your website can get you leads, when you integrate forms within your website which again enhances your visibility and provide you with data.
  • Updates- you can always update your website to the best servers and make it perform smooth for a great customer experience.

Keshri EduTech has always been the best in the IT industry. We provide you with all the above applications and make your website a powerful profit-making machine for you.

Since customer has become our main concentration, providing customers with easy solutions has always bagged us their trust. This trust in our service is what has made us a brand. Our product became a brand when our customers trusted it. You might possess great quality and accuracy in your products, that has become an aftermath of reaching the customers and providing them with the ease of finding your products. If you want your customers to maintain their relationship, trust and faith within your products and services, a website is must.