We analyzes your party’s portfolio and have some unique strategies to campaign for the elections digitally. The effect of social media on political campaigns have shown a high upscale in vote graphs.


Digital presence is very important for campaigning and thus we have following outline of certain services we provide election campaigns.



Digital Awareness via Social Media

Convey and popularize your political message to the public through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Promote your ideas through the above-mentioned media and publicize your campaign. This form of marketing not only helps you reach out new supporters in targeted community but also retains existing supporters as loyal patrons can get to know about latest happenings and important issues on a regular basis. The digital media campaign is one amongst the most effective and impactful tools of the political campaign process. This can be widely employed by most of the political parties for their campaigning process because it can reach lots of voters and there are helpful digital tools which might be used for the party benefits.


  • Bulk SMS Dissemination – Through the bulk SMS services, we offer the most effective reach and impact. There are a lot of things that we keep into consideration while disseminating the SMSs such as the time of SMS dispersal, the people to be sent, the right personalization of the messages and more.
  • Whatsapp Message Campaign – The Whatsapp is that the foremost typical and widely used messaging application today. We also work to deliver bulk Whatsapp campaign messages.



Political Consultant & Strategy Design

Our strategy oriented and tech-savvy firm possesses all the desired tools needed to rearrange and do political campaigns at a nationwide level. A crystal-clear, neat and finely-targeted strategy is very important to manage your campaign at an oversized scale and build the winning energy. We concentrate on designing and executing constituency-centric and assembly-centric political strategies by using its tools for clients starting from individual candidates, political parties and independents.

It works with anybody and everybody who includes a clear political vision. Whether be it the General-election, State-assembly elections, local-body elections or perhaps the bypolls, we offer our unique political services and techniques to both individual candidates and political parties. Our workers stretched across each constituency and assembly-segments are always organized and field-ready to leap into action to serve its clients.

We categorize your voters, build the market, craft the apt message and position them among the proper voters, put the precise tactic in situ and attain the specified outcome for our clients. Our services are un-matched and we have got the know-how, both technological and traditional ones so as to facilitate our customers in every capability and under every situation. Make your voters attentive to your document and bootstrap your campaign.

Election War Room

The Election War room is a form of political trade marking and is presently one of the most indispensable practices of branding. During elections, the war room is very essential. this is often where we all concentrate on practicing all the political festivals, applicants, in every exercise that happens between the general public and within the same manner plan the procedure for what’s visiting come. To set up a political war room, we require Personal Computers, Information Examiner, and Employees. We help the contestant to assemble everything at their favorable locations.

There are three fundamental forms of war rooms in political crusades. This relies on our experience so as to be contrary to the state or neighborhood elections

  • Decision Structuring War Room: This is often a set-up where you have got the centre chiefs for a crusade working in one room or closeness. It allows the battle to choose options and act immediately upon exposure or opportunity.
  • Media-checking War Room:: In a very media-observing room, you commonly have a space of 8-12 assistant dimension staff viewing, catching and cautioning all the media movements. A committed individual regularly trails this surge of knowledge from the correspondence staff, frequently the Rapid Response group, which shapes media inclusion and therefore the crusade message at the purpose.


  • Election Day War Room: On Election Day, the active movements to urge votes, and there’s a mid-day room for this enquiry. this can be regularly maintained by the Political Director of the battle and it’s carried outside the provincial political heads to blame for various swing areas. the target here is to induce the initial sense of votes and dedicate assets through day PRN. Every electorate has vote targets, and meeting all objectives is that the means by which you win.


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