Educational Inspirational Awards 2022

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Keshri EduTechEducational Inspirational Awards 2022 is a genuine try to evaluate and bring forward some exceptional Mentors and Institutions those have been contributing greatly towards the enlightening the future for our nation.

We at Keshri EduTech feel great respect towards awarding Inspiring mentors and Aspiring Institutions who have been making a difference and setting up their goals high into the Educational Sector.

Having said that, we are always in the search of such institutions and leaders and we deliberately want to reward for their outstanding performance and contribution. We try to achieve it via the experience and intellect of our jury members who have an honorary name in the Bureaucracy, Media, Science, Research and Education industry.

A genuine awards ceremony where hard work, perseverance and determination is weighed in values and not in money.

Award Categories

Outstanding Leadership in the Educational Sector

This award stands tall in immense respect to the mentors who have been exceptionally leading a bright way towards enlightening the students for the betterment of our nation. We search for these leaders who have made a difference in the educational community by delivering their treasures of knowledge to the students selflessly.

If you think you are that mentor who’s made a difference, let us know by nominating yourself.

Who can apply?

  • Mentors who have been running an educational institution (School or College) for at least 2 years until today.
  • Delivering Knowledge to at least 500 students per year.


Innovative Approach for Academic Excellence

This award is felicitated to the Best Institution. This is a mission to congratulate such institutions who have been contributing India with many of their highly intellectual scholars by providing them the best infrastructure and outstanding performance in academics. The Institution which has been delivering immensely great performance will be victoriously declared as the best Institution and generously thank them for thinking out of the box into the betterment mission of our nation.

If you believe your institution is the one for this award, let us know by nominating yourself.

Who can apply?

  • Any School or College affiliated under any state of central government body.


About Keshri EduTech

Keshri EduTech is a renowned name in the IT and the Education Industry. We’ve been helping Educational Institutions grow since last 5 years. With our IT automation, Digital branding, Web Applications, Website, Mobile Applications, ERP Solutions, Admission Automation & campaigns, promotions and SEO, we have been equipping the Educational institutions achieve best results digitally.


As we all witness, that all the institutions in the educational sector have been thriving hard in regards with the achievements into the betterment and enlightenment of the society providing the necessary knowledge for the future of Bright India.


We feel that these institutions must be rewarded for their immeasurable good deeds that they have been doing for our nation. But, unfortunately there have been instances where such institutions have to pay for awarding themselves. Which is totally baseless as you can imagine the purity of these awards rest in the determination and dignity of the institution?


We’re pleased to introduce you to a genuine awards ceremony to honour your achievements in the educational sector.

How to apply?

  1. Fill the required details.
  2. Select your Nomination category.
  3. Award category “Outstanding Leadership in the educational sector” can be individually apply by Institute’s owners or higher management (Chairman, Founder, Director, CEO etc.)
  4. Award category “Innovative Approach for Academic Excellence” can be apply with the name of Institution only.
  5. In attachment, maximum two files can be uploaded.

What happens after your form is submitted?

  • If any error is found on your form, our team will call you else your form will be forwarded to our moderator team.
  • Based on your input data our moderator team will shortlist top 25 Applications from each category.
  • These top 25 Applications will get forwarded to our Jury members.
  • The Jury will use their own discretion to finalise the top 3 awards for each category.
  • The winner’s name will be displayed on our website on 5th January, 2022.
  • The Winner will be provided with a certificate and a trophy through postal service.

f you have questions, please contact  on +91 – 90283 00404 or via email at [email protected]

Please fill this form to enroll yourself.